Pets are family and we want the best for your family. 

Pets bring us joy and laughter. They teach us lessons on love and responsibility. Whatever mischief and mayhem they dig up is always outweighed by a sloppy kiss or purring bliss. Being a pet owner is a remarkable journey and we are here for you, every paw print of the way.

We are all about pet wellness and pride ourselves in offering you safe, healthy, and responsibly made items. This is why we are consistently reading labels and paying close attention to ingredients; Why we have close relationships with manufacturers that are USA focused; Why we cater to the unique needs of each individual customer with smiles, handshakes, and empathy; And why we take our role as a family owned and operated small business very seriously. 

what can you expect to find at the Mystic Pet Shop?

We are thrilled you are visiting the Mystic Pet Shop E-boutique, a platform where you can purchase select shop items.

If you fancy our online shop, consider stopping by in person at 28 E. Main St., Mystic, CT to view our entire, extensive selection which includes: 

  • A garden center featuring locally grown seasonal plants
  • Food, Toys, Bird, Dog, Cat, Fish, Crickets, Garden, Decor......

We are excited to share our expertise and experiences with you

Gen, John, & The Pet Shop Team (Crew)